Experts from CCTV Miami department of security company suggest that one should take care of a CCTV camera to increase its working life. The CCTV is manufactured to handle hostile conditions, including fast winds, dust, heat & rain. However, a machine can’t tolerate all these effects for long. The CCTV cam also underwear & tear, for which it needs special care from time to time. Here are some tips suggested by experts to take care of the CCTV Security System Installers.

Something about CCTV cameras
These systems do not allow items in the workplace to be vandalized or stolen at any cost. You, as a company owner, can create a protective layer around your employees. Employees will get an assured level of protection. These systems have unique features, such as automatic recording of footage and many others.
• The lens is the most delicate part of the CCTV cam. One should clean it using a burst of compressed air to clean off dust particles & dirt on the lens.
• Apply lens cleaning solution in cotton piece & rub it gently on the lens in a circular motion, starting from the center to edge.
• It is also necessary to clean off the cables. Use alcohol on cotton pieces & clean the cables gently. Make sure you shut off the power supply while you clean the jacks & ports in the camera.
• Tighten the connection from the cam to the TV set. Make sure that the cable is fully tightened without any loose connections. Use pliers to tighten the joint. Never try to push off the cable once the resistance is felt in the joint’s circular motion.
• Use a lens cleaning brush to clean off the camera lens.

CCTV is an important equipment which keeps track of all activities for us. Its importance can be estimated from the fact that it is used by CCTV security services as well.