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To recover your own Tezos from your ICO you have to set up a Tezbox login wallet and utilize it for earning interest on each bet that’s initiated. And also the aim of this would be to simply help all the feasible communities and also share these steps using them that they are able to readily eliminate recovering the Tezos.

List of Items which you will need so as to recoup your own Tezos-

• The seed expression which you have utilized from the ICO contribution that are easily seen in the pdf.

• Password of this link you’ve used to your ICO.

• The current email address that was used at that right time of signal in for the ICO.

• The public secret that you have used also it’s compulsory that it should start out with’tz1′.

• The code of activation which you have after completing the entire method of KYC/AML confirmation approach.

How to Enroll for the KYC procedure and regain your Tezos?

KYC/AML confirmation has been Contentious since a long time as they against the simple fact of sharing the personal details. The first step and the chief step in regaining your Tezos accounts to receive your KYC done whenever you possibly can. When you’re done along with your KYC treatment, you are going to obtain an activation code onto your email and over 23 days that your KYC procedure is going to be done. After this procedure is done, you’ve got to activate your Tezos address and unite the ICO holding with all the Mainnet.

Now you need to trigger your ICO Wallet, then proceed about the Activa solution and give the activation code. Make sure to check out all of the steps right, and after that your ICO Tezzies is going to be automatically inserted to the Tezos people block chain as well as your Tezos account will be recovered. And you’ll be able to assess it by setting up a Tezos pocket within it.