Stingless bee honey beekeeping honey extract is one of the most popular honey types on the market today. With over two hundred known varieties, there is sure to be a type to suit every taste. In this article, the common medical uses and traditional medicinal uses of stingless bee honey are discussed. Many people have discovered that ingesting it has many positive health benefits including being a natural appetite suppressant and weight loss supplement. Even if you are not looking for a medicinal use, you will likely find this sweet stuff very enjoyable.

The majority of honey produced by stingless bees is used for cooking. Beekeepers harvest the honey from their hives in different ways based on their preferences. Some boil the honey in water to create a flavored syrup, others use honey as a natural sweetener while still others use it for baking purposes or as a puree for dessert recipes.

The primary product harvested from stingless bees in Australia is called “Aura”. It is a blend of clover honey, orange blossom honey, and Cayenne pepper. It offers the same health benefits as all three types of honey, including antioxidants, vitamin A, vitamin C, and potassium. It is often used in traditional baked goods and has even found its way into a special light drink known as “Aura Blanco” which is served at Mexican restaurants. While “Aura” is an expensive type of honey in some parts of Australia, it is becoming more readily available due to the efforts of beekeepers working to encourage the cultivation of bee colonies in regions around Australia.

Wild caught stingless bee honey is another popular type of honey produced by the bees. This honey is not harvested by the traditional beekeepers. Rather, it is harvested by hand using a special netting system. The bees fly into the net and away they go. This honey is not harvested in the customary manner and the bees must be allowed to return to the hive each year so the honey can be harvested from them each time.

The pollen gathered from the hives of “Aura” is harvested using a similar method to that of the cedar pollen. The beekeepers collect the pollen either by hand or by using a device known as a Columbine. The Columbine is placed at the entrance of the hive. A suction tube then pulls the pollen through the tube into a collection cup. The amount of pollen collected from each hive is determined by the size of the hive.

The third type of honey produced by stingless bees in Australia is “Trigona Saccharina”. It is commonly called simply “Trigona” by the beekeepers. It is harvested by small, hand-held devices called “tripods”. The best place to harvest this type of honey from the hive is right after the “Aura” colony has returned to the hive for the summer. The pollen from this honey is considered to be of superior quality because of its higher sugar content and therefore does not need to be processed.